Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will one ever learn

Well where do i start i suppose been playing a small bit in the macau once twice a week playing a different style to the last few months more solid not seen as much flops with marginal hands etc... its been working to an extent still havent lost a stack in there in the 4 or 5 times i have played im probably up around the €500 mark there but not making a fortune due to tight play.I played one tournament there and got busted with a hand which i posted on boards due to the criticism i received.here it is.

Il give the details first im in late position 10 handed im playing 4200 from a starting stack of 5000 blinds are 100-200.There is 2 limpers and player to my direct right raises to 600 i have AxKx.What should i do here raise flat call shove?I decide to raise to 1800.Folded to utg player who is playing 4000 he shoves.Player seems to be tight solid enough player.Action is folded around to me im left with 2400.Can I fold this ever?I decided to call he turns over QQ.I hit A and get busted by Q on river.

I played a small bit online with very small profit nothing to talk about really.I played the student tourny in the bishopstown bar last night as i just needed something different.€10 and €5 rebuys the standard was just horrible me and the lad with me were so far ahead of every player it wasnt funny.44 players i came 4th for €60 bit disappointed as first payed €370 and 2nd €210 but it was to much of a crapshoot blinds were 20000-40000 i had 120000 in my exit hand chipleader might have had 300000.I would most likely make the money in this every night if it was not for the structure.Still fun game just beside the house will play it again nice change from the seriousness of the casino.I found my exit hand funny.

I push on button for my stack 120000 blinds 20000-40000 BB is playing 140000 if he folds i figure he will fold sb is chip leader so he needs big hand to call.I push my J7 sb folds bb goes in the tank he says "ah shure boy ya gotta gamble sometimes i call do you have a J or a Q" i sigh turn over my hand and to the delight of someone in the crowd "well done boy you caught him bluffing i knew he was" one of these days they will read a book and discover position raises :)

So to the business end of things we go enda and drink = lots of money down the drain :(.I decided to play the new casino in cork the bank twice recently both times really drunk.Nothing to report the first night made €15 game was fishy enough i think if memory serves me correct maybe 1 or 2 good players there the rest v.poor.The next visit proved to be very different i was faced with a very high standard was so drunk cant remember how many players exactly.3 come to mind one well known cork pro,one player who i have had dealings with over the last few months and player on my right were all good.I suppose for been drunk my first hand was not a terrible way to lose my buyin which was €300 i reckon may not have lost it sober im not sure would have had better read on player.

4 handed utg raise to €12 with AxKx i think bb calls flop Kx 8x 5x.He checks i bet €25 he raises to €100 we play same stacks i think.I shove maybe he re raises with KQ but most likely not he would have bet that hand out in retrospect i should have folded but i guess ive lost with worse hands while drunk.He turned over 55.

Next hand was against highly respected player i remember a lot less about the hand button raise to €12 i think, i call with 10 7 flop is something like 10x 8x 2x i check he bets i raise he shoves i call turn comes 10 i claim the pot.I said i had a read on him at the time god knows what kind of read it was.He claimed to have QQ i asked to see his cards i wanted to see if my read was right he objected in the end i relented and let him muck.It was the wrong thing to do but again the drink helped.The pot was worth around €700 and i broke even for the night roughly.

I may not have lost anything but i had to suck out to break even and i think i will have to stop paying visits while drunk as i do not like making profit out of bad beats and it is very rare im behind when the money goes in on a big stack clash.

Well on a final note oul Mr.Paddy Power has came back the haunt nearing the end of a 30 hour drinking binge i decide to pay him a visit i decide to multitable $10-20 for a $2400 loss in about the space of a half hour nothing like the feeling of putting the bread on the table for a scandinavian for a couple of weeks.I wont go in to hand detail as its just crazy not even poker im going to try get them to put a max deposit in any 24 hours to stop this happening.

Dont have much plans for the short term would have played IPO only for the hassel in registering.I deposited €10 in pp have to work it up to $100 dollars before i allow myself into a casino again.