Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good times

Well its been a few weeks what have i done??well deposited $100 in stars got it up to $500 long story short i tilted for something very small and jumped to $3-6 goodbye roll:( Played very little live in the last month $100 freezeout in clonmel and one drunken little game in the bank where i got busted bad for about €450:(

So to the good times well the big slick festival was last weekend so i had a sattelite ticket from dungarvan a few months ago even though i didnt fancy the journey i got a feeling i had to go this was the morning after busting my stars money.I got down anyway was sitting on a table with steve k and i think bops from boards then this guy sits down beside me i take no notice until theres a 3 way allin pot when i look at him i quickly look back its none other than marty smith irish open winner.I play relatively tight and didnt pick up many hands early on got to the rebuy stage and after this i just kept chipping away taking down pots in positon untill the big one came my QQ i raise pretty loose poor player shoves had been showing poor Aces since i sat down he turns over AK i hold up and make it in to the tickets by playing ABC poker.

I sit down at the main event table im on the same table as last years winner john ward(won last event) who i knock out also john quinn and waterford man dave mccarthy.I remained on my table for most of the 2 days players came and went ken corkery amassed massive chips on my did my play go well for the best part of the first 3 levels i was hand dead and wasnt going to get involved lightly.Then gary power sits down to deal and the hands came rolling in AA KK QQ AK along with hitting flops.I did make one mistake early on i had 3 betted a position raise lightly he called even lighter 3 spades fall on flop i bet he calls 4th falls on turn i check he bets i raise he calls i know im now beat so i dont fire out river he takes it down with the 3rd nuts.
Here is a crucial hand from the first day

UTG+1 QQ i raise 600 blinds 100-200 and button andSB call
Flop 10x Jx Qx bet 1500 button folds SB call
Turn Ax he checks i decide to check
River Jx he bets 2400 i raise to 6500 he shoves covering me im left with approx 8000
Can i put him on AA not really JJ unlikely I call and hope!he turns over AJ double up

Just kept picking up nice hands along with making few mistakes.My next table was one that contained Fox,seamus aldridge,smurph,paddy tobin,keith cummins and nicky power would join it.Didnt pick up many hands AK twice 55 took down a few positional raises.Made a big lay down with AQ against keith cummins shove he turns over AJ.Lost a race AQ against 1010 to a small stack.Shoved into nickys BB twice with rubbish SB BB situation worth about 20000 each time he showed 22 the second time before taking a few moments to fold funny hand for him;)he would have been due a win with that hand!!

Then my final move of the night came my next table included flushdraw,jen mason,pat storan and ian whitty.I was pretty short stacked at 110,000 when on the bb jen mason pushed i look down at 10 10 i call she turns over 99.The flop is 2 5 6 turn 8 river 9 the €37000 card:(:(
I take 21st and €900 not a bad oul weekend i guess but what could have been.

Played the bank monday night extreme drunk found a v soft cash game bought in round €200 cashed out €1050 cant remember much about it.where to now dont really know will let ye know when i do.:):):)