Friday, January 25, 2008

Been a while

Havent posted in a while due to various reasons.Havent really played a lot over the last 2 or 3 months mainly due to money not been as good with rarely working and been back in college.Im trying to limit my play to clonmel on a friday night really which has been kind to me of late.

Im giving internet poker a break for a while all i seem to be doing is building it up to lose in one or two hours of stupidity.Im taking more of an interest in Mtts these days doing a good bit of study on 2+2.Although live cash will allways be the big money spinner.

New casino opened in clonmel not overly impressed with it tbh its a nice location but €2-5 blinds in clonmel is a bit of a joke lads cashing in €100 and €200 max.Tables could do with been policed better as things get a bit out of control.I managed to throw away €1000 on my first visit there where the free alcohol does not help!Not a nice feeling to wake up to christmas eve trust me:)Managed to make it back with a little extra over the rest of christmas.

What has the next few months in store?Heading to the states in june San fran,santa barbara, LA, San diego followed by the holy grail that is Vegas.Looking forward to playing the commerce in La from what i read the games are soft,although most of the time in california will be spent travelling.Hope to hit vegas for around two weeks the plan is to arrive in just before the main event.I could see myself playing a sattelite for the main event, not sure really depends what my funds are like at the time.

Dont have much planned for the next few weeks really.Just concentrate on cash really im playing my first big mtt since waterford tonight.I managed to sattelite a ticket to the macaus 10k gtd should be 15k in the pot so heres hoping................;)