Tuesday, September 11, 2007

bad times

Played the big slick 50 rebuy again was playin well had a nice stack until just after the break where i was playing 25000 and the player before me raised to 6000 i pick up 1010 a hand that has been haunting me the last few days.I went in to serious thought as i new the player had a big hand AK AQ AJ AA-88 i went through thoughts of re raising all in but decided to flat call.the flop comes A 5 5 the players at this tournament allways bet a hand so when he checked i felt i had him so i bet 8000 he takes ages and decides to call i really felt he was not able to lay down KK QQ so when the check came on turn i pushed all in and received an instant call he had AA i wasnt to disappointed as i felt it was not the wrong move going on the table play.

Then to the cash game these are the type a games i need to avoid as it played similar to a clonmel cash game where i was gettin way to involved in every hand in order to outflop my opponent and get paid.The table was extremly weak and one player was unreal drunk i tried to trap him with the worst play of the night where i limped with yes of course 1010 he raised 17 i reraised to 70!!!(yes 70 wat a stupid reraise)i had around 130 behind me he pushes i cringe dont know why should have seen it coming.The nice lad that he was he had the courtesy to tell me he had KK he would show it to me i was throwing away my money if i called unless i had AA i believed him he throws over KK what a honest lad.It continued like this my QQ was no good on an A flop my AA managed not to get close to been payed off.The rubbish i limped and raised with couldnt even give me a draw so i left down 270 in what was possibly the worst poker i have played sober in months.The other lad with me jamie had the same luck only he hit hands only to be raped on the river!!!

Ah well internet poker for the rest of the week i reckon trying to get money on stars or full tilt although should be playing my bonus on green joker poker.

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