Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Highs and lows

Well had a few ups and downs been quiet enough of late mainly spend last week 4 tabling with a small degree of success was up around €100 until thursday when i got tilty and donked away around €70 need to stop that rubbish €100 is the figure im lookin to make multi tabling irish eyes it would cover my college week basically.I made one visit to the macau where i came away with €30 profit was pretty card dead.My next little incident was sunday night when i was tired hungover and bored decided to cash in €100 to play a few tournaments on i poker but i just got bored and threw $80 into $400 nl i ost it got tilty said id cash in $250 into $1000 nl and lost that to why do i decide to do these stupid little things il never know.That brings us up to last night made a visit to the macau for a little cash game hit no cards at the start when i finnaly hit a big hand i was behind think i must share this one

I limp in early position with As3s 6 0r 7 limpers flop comes 9s 6s 3x
player in mp bets €2 around 5 call i call turn brings a 3x i bet €25 i get 2 callers
river brings a spade i have the nut flush player in bb bets €25 i put him on flush so i make it €65 mp calls the bet and bb calls i assume im collecting the pot until mp turns over 99 never saw that coming

In the end i hit a nice run and made nearly €500 in a hour which left me up €300 for the night.

Dont know what the week holds may play clonmel friday night or the scalp tournament sunday

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