Monday, September 3, 2007

The early days

Interesting start to my student life i decided to pay a visit to dublin my choice of venue been the sporting emporium.I cashed in the sum of €200 didnt hit much for a while then i got my double up with AcQc on a top pair flush draw turn,the cards kept running good and i built my stack up to a nice €600 before getting two small stacks all in with K K for a pot of 200 where 10 5 and 3 3 managed to finish the hand ahead of K K.I decided to leave with a nice profit of €300.The next choice of venue was the €25 freezeout in clonmel with 14 runners felt i played it nicely made no mistakes chipped away at some a the weak players made the final two where i decided to split with the chip lead so took down €150 and was pretty pleased with my play.Then it all turns nasty i think im announcing my retirement from cash games in clonmel.I cash in €200 down a small amount when two drunk agressive players enter the game yet i managed to run my top pair top kicker into his flopped top set i was allways losing my money here after seeing the player lose 2 buyins in 20 minutes rather crazily.Then you have the lowstacks who sit there all night cashing in €50 call your€25 raise with Ac4c along with the two crazy lunatics the flop comes K high,I bet €75 with AxKx,lunatics fold small stacks goes all in for ten turns a flush!!Im down €300 for the session and the honeymoon period is over.

What does the week hold in store for me,well as i post this im preparing to go to dungarvan for a big slick €50 rebuy and a cash game i imagine.Then there is the cash league final in clonmel on sunday with a €5000 pot and approx 18 runners so lookin for a result there although im not massively stacked.

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