Thursday, September 6, 2007

So monday brought the big slick €50 with 1 €25 rebuy in dungarvan.This was a journey into the unknown i travelled down with one of the lads jamie there was 22 players i think starting it proved to be interesting i found the players to be weak tight and increased my stack nicely with positional raising and c-betting along with picking up a couple of hands.I was chip leader for most of the tournament until it got 4 handed when one of the players who i felt to be the weakest of the players left starting sucking out on the players around me.When we got 3 handed a deal was made that the low stack got €25 off me and chip leader to forfeit the two €100 tickets that were up for grabs.In the end i got heads up with only 25% of the chips i got my money all in with A 9 against A8 was sucked out by a 8 on flop.In the end i received €300 cash and €100 ticket along with the €130 profit from what was a poor shorthanded cash game.I guess it was a good nights work and dungarvan shall see me again :)

Tuesday brought a nice friendly sng in the pub where my play was pretty dreadful.It may have been only a fun game as such but the money was nice in the end my top pair all in on flop was no good for second pair which hit set on turn!!Down €20 in a ridiculous cash game and what a donation of €50 yours for a night.

Wednesday night was a night for travelling so i threw emmet and steve in the car and after much debating whether we would hit new ross,waterford or clonmel where grahams texts nearly had us in there.It was decided new ross would be the venue as i had never even been in wexford in my life,talk about not getting out!!It was to our dismay that there was no game going in new ross so turned the car around and headed for blazing aces.So we entered the furnace and there proved to be to cash games on the go.I found the game down here as usual to be ultra aggresive and big pairs were there to be busted.The fun started soon enough steve and boogeyman from boards clashing allmost every hand not even sure who came out ahead.Then the tables joined and we were graced by the pleasure of neill kelly who was keeping the table entertained with blind all ins.I didnt think much of my play if i bet a draw i couldnt hit if i bluffed a hand i was caught.I had 10 pocket pairs see a flop without hitting a set one of those nights that things dont go your way.In the end KK managed on two occasions to win me big pots on one of them i had to make a big call to what i believed to be a bluff which proved correct.I have to say i quiet enjoyed the game great banter and came out €75 up so thats never bad when i was hitting big.I did feel i got a bit deep i was in for €500 this is one thing i may need to control as a student.

Clonmel cash league final sunday is the big one!!

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