Monday, September 10, 2007

The clonmel cash league final

Well woke up sunday sick from drink hit the leisure centre for a little relaxation,i decided to play a little cash online before i went in for the tournament.I 2 tabled €50 plo on irish eyes and played some of the worst poker of my life as well as not hitting it all ended in tears i managed to lose €100 and not a great start to my online poker life.

So to the cash league final 15 players €5000 in the pool 4 players paid,2200,1300,1000,500.I started the day on 8175 chips average been just over 9000.I started well took down a few small pots allways stayed well stacked got nicely payed with a middle set.I was one of the chip leaders come the break it was after the break my stack started to fall i went card dead,struggled to steal blinds i went as low as 10 big blinds at one stage.It got very tight 6 handed and i was delighted to see 2 big stacks clash 88 vs 99 and we are down to 5.I was in a great spot here as i held 10 and 20 percent in 2 of the lads left and i was still the low stack.We decided to split 4th in to €300-200 and so there went the bubble.The next exit was john burke and now we were left with 4 all from cahir.The deals then continued as me and jamie agreed to split 50-50 as we had even stacks.Emmet was the next to exit as steve increased his stack.I managed to get my stack close to steves by the stage we got 3 handed and jamie was low stacked with less than 10 bb but he went into agression mode and before we know it we have an all in and called steves 2 pair against jamies top pair and flush draw which hits on the river.Then we are on to heads up a new one for me and jamie i manage to suck out with my flopped flush all in pre flop 6s9s against Ax6x and so the waterford crystal was headin my way.

1-enda kendrick- 1750
2-jamie barlow-1750
3-steve kirwan-1000
4-emmet saunders-300
5-john burke-200

So its big slick in dungarvan tonight after that im unsure what the week holds maybe a trip to the macau before my full time move next week.

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Shogun said...

Thanks for confirming that there was indeed a deal done between both your good self and Jamie BEFORE Emmet was gone!! Thought some of the hand developments were a little strange for a three handed game.

Well done..