Sunday, September 16, 2007

The inevitable

well hello there 8 15 am on a sunday morning yes i am up early well not exactly jus off green joker spent the week building a bankroll cashed in $270 made it up to $750 multi tabling $0.25-50 3-4 tables quiet nice play might i say was rather proud of my disciplinend worked a roll up quiet well!Then 4 days in saturday night arrives and i decide to play a little i decide to shortstack $0.50-1 omaha pretty fishy so i decide to buy in full and play quiet good build my stack to approx $800 before stupidly bluffing a hand which he shouldnt have called then getting out drawn twice and a small amount of tilt cost me all my bankroll.what a terrible night :( oh but wait why stop there why not cash in €600 in my account and play a little €2000 nl ah yes why not oh and 3 handed sure why not +ev of course;) JJ on the button flop 997 i raise 2 60 playing $500 ish bet flop $100 he calls i push turn he calls k9 good luck ul nh wp not realli complaining i deserved it reckon if i was more fishy id make more jumping in at these stakes but it hurts me to suck out well i prob would survive!!so here i am hitting d bed rather depressed but suppose i can take 1 little thing that been i was able to multi table a bankroll at low stakes hold em but good oul high roller enda went in to full action:(same problem as i had live in atlantic city $1-2 just wouldnt do had to move up and up)

so where now well i guess il sleep on it il play cork once during the week will try bankroll myself again online

tip:+ev staying in cahir trying women even if failing
-ev going home playing hig stakes on i poker

do you know the one thats one to many

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